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Demonic Wolf
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Born into somewhat of a normal Valenthian family, he once served valiantly in the military. Unwilling to submit to corrupt noblemen, he joined the Bounty Hunter Guild to protect others.
A moral Right-Handed assassin from the Weeping Woods who, to investigate his foster parents' death decided to become a Bounty Hunter. He's known for fighting against demons during the invasion.
A magical genius born into a noble Valenthian family. She was implicated in conflict which involved other nobles. Misunderstood by her family, she decided to leave her legacy and become a Bounty Hunter.
Boon Sister
She lived in the Boon Sister Temple since the death of her parents. She adores Spirits and the Boon Tree. After the demons invaded, she left the temple to fight as a Bounty Hunter.
As an exceptional archer among the elves, she watches over the woods and its inhabitants. She left home to hunt down the elven slave capturers. She fought demons during the invasion as a Bounty Hunter.
A talented Shaman who emerged from the snowy Kenashi mountains and has been a ferocious Arena Gladiator. Protecting the Kenashi people against the Demons is his main motivation to becoming a Bounty Hunter.
The Bloodthirsty Knight: Formerly the deputy leader of the renowned mercenary group in the New World—The Bloodthirsty, he is known for his cold-hearted and merciless demeanor, stopping at nothing in his quest for victory.
  • Frantic Blood
    Deals 20% Hero DMG + 670% Lieutenant DMG to nearby enemies and becomes Berserk to gain 40% ATK, 40% ATK SPD, and 50% DMG Reduction for 10 secs.
  • Heavy Slap
    Slaps the enemies, dealing 20% Hero DMG + 426% Lieutenant DMG to them.
  • Savage Sprint
    Charges towards the enemy, dealing 20% Hero DMG + 478.52% Lieutenant DMG to the enemies within range with a 60% chance to Stun them for 2.5 secs.
The Ravager is a ferocious creature from the Bayant Mountain Range. Feared by all of the Kenashi, the Ravager loves to fight anyone who crosses their territory.
Demonic Wolf
Demonic Wolf
  • Wolf Pounce
    Leaps and pounces at the enemies, dealing 20% Hero DMG + 1097% Lieutenant DMG. This damage increases against low HP enemies.
  • Wolf Claws
    Swings claws to deal 20% Hero DMG + 312% Lieutenant DMG to the enemies with a chance to deal additional DMG to low HP enemies.
  • Wolf Tail
    Swings tail to attack enemies, dealing 20% Hero DMG + 571.5% Lieutenant DMG to them and making them Bleed for 6 secs.
The Demonic Wolf is a mysterious monster from the Bayant Mountain Range. Often described as cold and merciless, legend has it that only the bravest warriors can tame them.
  • Eternal Ice Jail
    Summons an Ice Jail, dealing 20% Hero DMG + 856% Lieutenant DMG with Ice Spikes while freezing the target for 3 secs. Deals 30% extra damage to the Boss.
  • Crystal Blast
    Use Frost Magic to deal 20% Hero DMG and 286% Lieutenant DMG to enemies, with a 20% chance of increasing your critical strike by 20% for 3 sec
  • Power of Frost
    Summons a spell circle, dealing 20% Hero DMG + 602% Lieutenant DMG to the enemy, increasing your & the Hero's Crit Chance by 25% and Crit DMG by 30% for 8 secs.
Karleta is the Vice Principal of the Warmage Academy. She's an ostentatious and aggressive, strong-willed archmage. She's more interested in the military applications of Arcane science, unlike Archmage Herbert.
  • Healing Cube
    Summons an energy cube to increase DMG dealt to all surrounding enemies by 50% for 8 secs. Also restores HP equal to 5% of Max HP + 250% of ATK to all allies granting Cube Healing.
  • Ice Arrow
    Fires an ice bolt at the enemy, dealing 20% Hero DMG + 426% Lieutenant DMG to them.
  • Healing Orb
    Summons an energy ball to heal nearby allies over time, restoring HP equal to 233.6% ATK to them per sec for 5 secs.
Olivia once fought in another war against the Demons which eventually cost her her own life. After death, her soul lingered as she longed to be reunited with her friend, Kukulkania.
  • Fire Crossbow
    Aims and quickly fires three shots, dealing 20% Hero DMG + 934% Lieutenant DMG to the enemy with a 30% chance to lower their ATK SPD by 20% for 8 secs.
  • Swift Bolt
    Uses a small crossbow to fire shots, dealing 20% Hero DMG + 247% Lieutenant DMG to them.
  • Exorcism Bolt
    Shoots a giant bolt, dealing 20% Hero DMG + 418.5% Lieutenant DMG to the enemy and lowering all their DMG Reduction by 30% for 6 secs.
Bridget is the leader of the Right Hand, who believes in helping civilians and fighting for justice and freedom. Under her leadership, the Right Hand fought the Demons and risked their lives to save civilians. Her lieutenant, Wilhelm Ironarm, defected to the Demons' side. Soon enough, Bridget reacted and vowed to kill Wilhelm.
Archmage Herbert
Archmage Herbert
  • Fire Blessing
    Immediately restores HP equal to 5% Max HP + 247% ATK to all allies. Grants them Fire Blessing, restoring HP equal to 2% Max HP + 60% ATK per sec, increasing their ATK SPD by 92% for 8 secs.
  • Arcane Fireball
    Shoots fireballs at enemies, dealing 20% Hero DMG + 251% Lieutenant DMG to them with a 25% chance to gain 10% ATK SPD for 3 secs.
  • Giant Fireball
    Hurls a massive fireball, dealing 20% Hero DMG + 602% Lieutenant DMG to enemies within range and increasing your and the Hero's Crit Chance by 40% for 8 secs.
Archmage Herbert is the Principal of the Warmage Academy and one of the most famous Archmages now. He's been at the forefront of the war against Demons, doing everything he can to save the Mortal Realms. He is also a gifted researcher, and his latest invention, the Summoning Scroll, is said to be able to break the limits of space and summon distant allies.
  • Powerful Edge
    Swings a broadsword to devastate the enemy, dealing 20% Hero DMG + 1024% Lieutenant DMG while gaining 40% Crit Chance for 8 secs.
  • Shattering Blow
    Swings a large sword, dealing 20% Hero DMG + 490% Lieutenant DMG to the target. The lower the HP of the target, the higher the DMG dealt, up to a 100% increase.
  • Pummeler Storm
    Spins and wields a greatsword to deal 20% Hero DMG + 742% Lieutenant DMG to nearby targets and reduce their Tenacity by 20% for 5 sec
The Terrorfiend is a general under the Lord of Pride. As the vanguard of the Mortal Realms invasion, he has participated in almost every major battle, his brutality and strength terrifying all enemies. He currently resides in the Terror Tower.
  • Enchanting Torture
    Lashes the enemy, dealing 20% Hero DMG + 490% Lieutenant DMG while reducing their DMG Reduction by 20% for 5 sec. Also heals the ally with the lowest HP by 10% Max HP + 100% Lieutenant DMG.
  • Lash
    Lashes at the enemy to deal 20% Hero DMG + 360% Lieutenant DMG to them, with a 20% chance to restore HP by 200 + 20% of the Lieutenant DMG to the ally with the lowest HP.
  • Enchanting Kiss
    Lashes the enemy, dealing 20% Hero DMG + 265% Lieutenant DMG while healing self by 5% Max HP + 40% of the DMG dealt.
Delphyne is a powerful Succubus who, when the Demons invaded, decided to stop fighting against the mortals. She would warn various mortals about the Demons' plans in their dreams in efforts to save them.
  • Dance of Assassination
    Attacks the target 6 times in quick succession, dealing 20% Hero DMG + 1124% Lieutenant DMG to the enemies.Upon killing the target, gains Crit for 8 secs.
  • Assassin's Instinct
    Uses the dagger to attack, dealing 20% Hero DMG + 337% Lieutenant DMG to the enemy with a chance to Backstab them. When Backstabbed, the enemy takes additional DMG.
  • Phantom Combo
    Quickly spins and swings the dagger, dealing 20% Hero DMG + 564% Lieutenant DMG to the enemies within range while ignoring 50% of their DEF.
Nora is the daughter of Ashken Chief Mahasti. After Mahasti was captured by Sura, Nora gained the support of Mahasti's loyal subjects and became the new leader of the Ashken stronghold.
  • Ancestral Guardian
    Transforms into an Ancestral Soul to protect the Hero, granting the Hero a shield equal to 75% of Max HP for 10sec. The shield can reflect 60% of the DMG taken
  • Explosive Punch
    Commands a golem to attack, dealing 20% Hero DMG + 302% Lieutenant DMG to an enemy.
  • Charged Punch
    Builds up power for a powerful blow, dealing 20% Hero DMG + 491.2% Lieutenant DMG to an enemy with a 30% chance to Stun them for 2.5 seconds.
Mahasti was a revered leader of the Ashken stronghold who helped to lead the land to prosperity. However, that all changed once the Demons invaded. Mahasti will do anything to protect her people and the legacy she built.
Agony Interrogator
Agony Interrogator
  • Chance toy Kick
    Performs flying kick to the front multiple times consecutively, dealing20% Hero DMG + {0}% Lieutenant DMG to targets and inflicting Sunder Armor that reduces their DEF by {1}% for {2} sec(s).
  • Dragon Soul Attack
    Deals 20% Hero DMG + {0}% Lieutenant DMG to the enemy. The more enemies around, the higher the DMG. Can deal up to 50% extra DMG.
  • Soul Seizer
    Deals 20% Hero DMG + {0}% Lieutenant DMG to enemies in front of you, Stunning them for 2 secs and pulling them over
Agony Interrogators are elite, twisted demons who see inflicting pain as their ultimate pursuit. As followers of Zomorra, the Lord of Agony, they are masters of various torture techniques and serve as interrogators in the Demonic Legion. However, to most demons, the so-called interrogations conducted by the Agony Interrogators are often not for the purpose of gathering information, but rather for the thrill of torturing their prisoners.
  • Death Wave
    Casts Death Wave that deals 20% Hero DMG + {0}% Lieutenant DMG to the enemy. Death Wave has a 20% additional Crit Rate.
  • Swift Blades
    Swings the forelimbs to deal 20% Hero DMG + {0}% Lieutenant DMG to the enemies with a chance to gain 10% ATK SPD for 3 seconds.
  • Arachnid Shadow Strike
    Rises into the air, then deals 20% Hero DMG + {0}% Lieutenant DMG to all enemies within range and makes them bleed for 6 sec, dealing {1}% Lieutenant DMG per sec.
Astarak reports directly to Zomorra the Lord of Agony. She is far more intelligent than other Demons and her personality is very unpredictable. Teasing and torturing her prey is her way of having fun. "The hunt never ends. Please me with your agony!"
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